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How can hearing loss due to nerve weakness be treated?

Q: My wife is 22 years old and has recently developed a hearing problem. We consulted a doctor and he said some of the nerves have gone weak. This is not curable and in fact it may increase in future. Now I feel her problem is increasing. Is there any way to reduce it or cure it? The doctor told that in near future she might have to use hearing aid. Can this problem be solved in any way? If a solution is not possible, then can we do any efforts so that it doesn't increase in future?

A:I understand your concern but unfortunately once the nerve has got weakened, there is nothing one can do. Hearing aid will help her in communication and this is an important issue. Hearing aid will not cure her deafness and nor will it stop the progress of the hearing loss. At this stage what is important is your attitude towards her. Be very patient with her and don't show that this is the end of her hearing. Coax her into wearing a hearing aid. Ask her to try to communicate with others using her full attention. You will find in no time she will behave like she has no impairment. Till date there is no cure for loss of hearing due to the nerves. Take precautions: 1. Avoid loud noises. 2. Avoid prolonged exposure to loud sounds and music. 3. Avoid drugs and chemicals, always inform doctor about the hearing loss. 4. Avoid any other parapsychological treatment like hypnotism, tantra, etc. 5. Always review the hearing test every year.


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