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How can genital warts be treated?

Q: I am a 29 years old male with warts on my penis for the last one year. Is there any way to remove these warts? Can these be cancerous? We are planning for a baby. Can my wife also get infected with warts?

A:Genital warts are infectious and are caused by viruses. There are various strains of human papiloma virus which cause them. Only a few of these have the capacity to induce cancers. Therefore, a regular checkup is advisable. Cauterization is one of the methods to tackle wart problem. Other modalities of treatment include cryotherapy, laser therapy, topical immiquad, etc. In a female, they can cause difficulty during delivery only if they are very big. During the passage through birth canal, the baby can swallow secretions and can get infected and thence develop laryngeal warts. These are not easy to treat.


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