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How can frequent urination be dealt with?

Q: I am a 42 years old man suffering from a problem of frequent urination and it becomes uncontrollable when it is cold or in an air-conditioned place. Please advise.

A:Urinary frequency will result from increased urine output or a decreased functional capacity of the urinary bladder. Most common cause of increased urine output is increased fluid intake, and the most common cause of decreased functional capacity of bladder is urinary tract infection. There are hundreds of other causes for each of these. Since insensible water loss with perspiration decreases in cold weather, it is not surprising that you have to pass urine more often in cold climate. You need to make a voiding diary for 24 hours charting the urine volume voided each time and the timing of each void to enable your Urologist to reach the root cause, before he starts investigations to get rid of your problem.


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