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How can frequent urinary tract infection be treated?

Q: I am a 28 years old housewife suffering from frequent urinary tract infection (UTI). Recently, 20-25 hpf pus cells were found in my urine test. I am also getting blood clots in urine, which can be seen by naked eyes. I am unable to pass much urine. When my husband and I mated for the first time four years back, I could see blood in urine and pain while passing urine for a couple of days. I ignored it at that time and did not take any medicines. After two years, I underwent treatment for UTI. My hands and feet go numb at times. I never had miscarriage. I am worried about frequent UTI. What causes frequent urinary tract infection (UTI)? How it can be treated permanently? The doctors are giving me temporary treatment like citralka, uripass tablets.

A:It is important to know whether UTI episodes have been bothering you since childhood, or have occured only since your marriage. In earlier situation, you need to be investigated for some congenital conditions like vesicoureteric reflux, while post marriage UTIs are usually coitus related. It is not uncommon to have Urinary tract infections once or twice in a year in a sexully active female during the reproductive age group. There are certain things that you can do to prevent more common episodes. 1. Drink extra glass of any fluid at the time of sexual activity, and 2. Pass urine immediately afterwards. If these measures fail to control the repeat episodes, your treating physician may advise investigations like ultrasonography and endoscopic examinatin of the bladder to rule out any abnormality in your urinary tract, apart from putting you on low dose antibiotic prophylaxis over long term.


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