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How can flatulence be managed?

Q: I am a 70 years old man having diabetes for the last 10 years but my blood sugar levels are below 175 mg/dl. But for the last two years I am suffering from flatulence . I have tried all types of medicines but without any relief. The doctor prescribed Panlipase, Pantacid, Galto, Digiplex and Gasex from time to time. All necessary tests like blood, urine, etc. were done and found normal. Finally he suggested Barium X-ray, which I did not undergo. Is it necessary to undergo this test? Why is it done? I do not have any other problem, no stomach pain, noting else. How can flatulence be treated?

A:Presence of flatulence does not indicate any disease process and you can completely ignore it. However, to reduce the amount of flatulence, you should take isabgol husk (one tablespoonful) mixed in water daily. Also, some form of exercise is helpful. I suggest walking about 1/2 hr daily.


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