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How can fingers be reconstructed?

Q: I am an NRI from the Kingdom of Bahrain. My friend’s daughter (3 years old) does not have three middle fingers since her birth. The left hand is working fine while the right hand is without three middle fingers. There are only small buds on top of partially grown fingers. The thumb and the last finger is fully grown and working fine. I am sure there must be many good doctors/institutions who can help her in overcoming her defect. Can you please let me know what treatment can be of help? Which institutions in India are good in that treatment? What are the requirements, benefits or risk factors of the treatment?

A:This is a very difficult problem. There are a number of methods to reconstruct fingers. 1. Transfer of toes as a free microvascular graft, gives best results. However, you would be minus the toes. 2. Reconstruction by Tube Pedicle. Cumbersome, prolong, multistaged. Poor results. 3. Use of External Prosthesis. Not good. All these are undertaken at most major hospitals in the city of Mumbai.


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