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How can excessive urination be treated in a diabetic?

Q: My mother is 60 years old and is diabetic for the last 15 years. She is taking Glimiprex MF 2/500 twice daily & Piosys-30 once daily. Her blood sugar fasting level remains 100-120 & PP remains 130-160. She has been facing a problem of excessive urination during the day. How can it be cured?

A:Excessive urination in a 60 years female could have varied etiology. Excessive formation of urine would cause frequency, and may occur due to excessive fluid intake, uncontrolled diabetes or poor renal functions. Small bladder capacity too would cause urinary frequency, and occurs temporarily during urine infections. Functionally small bladder is seen in patients not able to empty their bladder completely. Permanent reduction in bladder capacity, and resultant frequency, may occur with some chronic disease like tuberculosis, neurogenic dysfunctions and some dreaded diseases like bladder cancer. You must thus understand that urinary frequency may be caused by simple increased water intake at one extent, to serious causes like cancer at other end of spectrum, and needs proper evaluation by a specialist.


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