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How can diarrhoea be treated?

Q: I am a 22 years old man suffering from morning diarrhoea for the last three years. The doctors initially suggested tuberculosis (TB) so I took medicines for that. Later on I took homeopathy - pulsatilla medicine. Then after another year the doctor advised me to take hyoscamine thinking it would be irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I normally pass loose motions in the morning accompanied by pain. Many scans and motion tests have proved negative. Is there any permanent cure for this? Please advise.

A:I note that you suffer from diarrhoea, mostly in the mornings for last 3 years. You mention that you have already taken anti-TB drugs at start of your illness. However, you have not mentioned the duration of anti-TB treatment. Subsequently you have also been taking homeopathic treatment.

In a young person like you, we must do thorough investigations to know the exact cause of the problem. You need certain blood tests, ultrasound of the abdomen, x-rays, etc. If needed, you may also need to undergo certain Barium studies, endoscopy, etc. All these can be done under the advice and supervision of a gastroenterologist. You must take proper course of treatment after a correct diagnosis is established.


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