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How can dengue fever be treated?

Q: My four years seven months old daughter has been diagnosed with dengue fever. Today is her seventh day of fever. In the blood test, her SGPT (U.V. Kinetic) was found to be 210 IU/L. The normal range is 10-40 IU/L. In the last seven days, she has taken Crocin syrup, Meftal P, Novamox DT, Relent and Asthalin. I am worried. Please suggest the future course of action.

A:Dengue virus, spread by the bite of the Aedes mosquito, is responsible for dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever. The common dengue fever is characterised by fever, severe headache, pains in muscles and joints (break-bone fever), often a rash and laboratory abnormalities like low blood cell counts and abnormal liver and kidney function tests. The symptoms may last for about a week but convalescence may take several weeks as weakness and lack of appetite persist. A rare patient may progress to dengue hemorrhagic fever (an emergency) in which the patient has symptoms of bleeding. Treatment is generally symptomatic with the patient being given plenty of fluids and acetaminophen (avoiding aspirin or steroid preparations). There is no role of antibiotics. Please consult a pediatrician who can examine your daughter and investigate appropriately so that adequate treatment is given to her.


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