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How can day dreaming be managed?

Q: We are working parents of a 7-years old boy who studies with his granny. I spend quite some quality time with my chid regularly. My son is a constant day-dreamer. He is very inattentive while studying, though he is intelligent. He is very addicted to cartoons and TV serials and takes interest only while listening to or telling stories. He talks constantly about all his fantasies and his day-dreams. He does not take interest in any constructive pastime and has no interest in activities like cricket, football, recitation, drawing, puzzles, games etc. His memory is quite sharp. He also doesn’t want to do normal day-to-day activities on his own, like eating, undressing and dressing, bathing, wearing shoes etc. He also takes too much time to sleep as he keeps fantasising. But when asleep he has a sound sleep. He is sometimes arrogant and gets destructive too. He is otherwise a lovely and attractive child. We have not received any complaint from his school too. Please help.

A:Many children have a vivid imagination and tend to respond to fantasy and stories in a positive way, especially when they do not have siblings or playmates of their age. You will have to try and introduce him to other children, even out of school hours. His friends will induce him to share their interests. Too much TV watching also pushes children into an unreal world. Instead of cricket or football, which are organized games with rules, he could be introduced to other less complicated games and activities. If the parents are not able to give him any time, he is likely to do more of the same. He does need to take responsibility for his waking up and getting ready. Make a game of it and set tasks that he can complete. Make the reward system (this could be a board with gold or silver stars pinned up on a bulletin board) more directly related to his compliance. If you are not able to handle this stage, try and meet a counsellor or psychologist who will elaborate on the steps to be taken and guide you.


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