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How can chronic kidney disease be treated?

Q: I am a 57 years old man who has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease 8 months back after tests including kidney biopsy. Later next month, I was advised a fistula on the forearm and administration of injections for hepatitis. I have been suffering from shortness of breath, cold and frequent dry cough for the last month. The doctor has put me on dialysis, which relieved me of shortness of breath. I have been given 6 dialysis since last month out of, which 2 were haemodialysis. Right inter-ingular catherisation was also done last month and forearm AV fistula was created. On discharge the doctor advised me to undergo dialysis thrice a week along with the following medications: Amlodipine 5 mg twice a day, Metoprolol 50 mg once daily, Atorvastatin 10 mg daily and Phostat (Calcium Aletate) 667 mg thrice with meals. Alprazolam 25 mg daily, Erythropoietin 2000 U-IV twice weekly post dialysis, Ertapenem 500 mg daily for 2 days. The test reports stated creatinine as 5.6mg/dl K+ 3.9mEq/L, urea as 90mg/dl and Hb is 8.4 gm/dl. I have problems in passing urine, it is foamy and does not pass smoothly. The doctor has advised that the kidney is to be transplanted as soon as possible. My blood group is B +. What is the best treatment for me? My relatives are not able to donate kidney, so what may be the alternative way to save my life?

A:You have been rightly advised by your doctors. Kidney transplantation is the best treatment for chronic kidney disease (CKD), and your family members with blood group O or B can donate a kidney to you. Buying and selling of organs is illegal. It is better to do a kidney transplant sooner than later. Till you get a transplant you should continue thrice a week dialysis as suggested. You should look at a hospital where one-year post transplant survival is more than 95%.


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