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How can children be prevented from surfing adults sites?

Q: I am a housewife having 2 children - a 14 years old boy and 11 years old girl. Nowadays, I have been getting many complaints regarding my son’s studies like lack of concentration, incomplete work, distracting others, etc. I always sit with my children when they surf the Internet. While I was surfing the net last week, I saw the history of sites opened and was shocked to see that many adults has been surfed on a particular day when I was napping. I don’t know what to do and what not to do? I am totally confused on how to handle him?

A:Many parents put 'safety locks' on pornographic sites. You should do that and tell your children that you have done so because such material can be titillating but of no use whatever. It will produce distraction from studies and you do not approve of such material. It would be also good for his father to explain male sexuality to him and give him some guidance on how to manage himself.


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