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How can a person with PCOS lose weight?

Q: I am a 25 years old woman and have PCOS. I had asked a question about joining the slimming centre for weight reduction, as I am overweight by 14 kg. The physiotherapist on your panel advised me that the techniques used by them may harm my body. Now the problem I have is my gynaecologist from Apollo hospital tells me to join the programme. Please advise me what to do, I attended two of their sessions in last 5 days. I am following a diet plan also. Please tell me in what ways can it be harmful to my body? I am very anxious and worried.

A:Firstly, the use of vibrators and heating machines to reduce the body fat and lose weight is very questionable. Secondly, do not believe tall claims that abdominal exercise machines make fat disappear from your waistline or treadmills that melt away amazing number of calories in an hour. It is not the machines that burn calories, it is you. Unless you are prepared to make the effort, no machine can make you reach your goal. Thirdly, there is no physical advantage in prolonging your stay in a sauna past the point where you are truly relaxed as an overstay can give you headache and make you feel ill. Fourthly, another misconception is that using a sauna can help you lose weight. Although you should perspire profusely, during a sauna treatment, your body loses only a small amount of fluid, which is replaced as soon as you eat and drink. Fifthly, overheating can put an extra strain on the heart and subsequent cooling may result in a chill and respiratory problems. Sixthly, the excess heat developed in the tissues have a marked effect on the other biological systems like the blood flow and sweating etc:- Excessive heating of the tissues is dangerous and the signaling of excess heat as a noxious stimulus is a warning of impending tissue damage. (Machines used for therapeutic use are for a very short duration and pulses and currents used are within limits for healing tissues.) Vibrators used put an excessive strain on the spine through the abdominal muscles you are trying to work out. You need to lose 14 kilograms and that would require a couple of months or more at the machines you have mentioned. I hope you've got the reason I suggested the walking and aerobics for you.


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