Hepatitis C

Q: I am suffering from hepatitis C. A chance tests of liver functions did reveal raised SGOT/PT values & on extensive exam like biopsy , i am diagnosed as having hep c induced micronodular cirrhosis with moderate activity. Otherwise I feel ok. Platelets are at 290000, Bilirubin 83, Albumin 4.1, Hgb 13.7, WBCs 7.9, RBCs 4.58 & Kidney & heart functions are fully normal. INR is 1.1 & SGOT/PT are at 60 & 85 respectively. The doctor says its a very compensated & early stage of cirrhosis . Is treatment of hepatitis C possible at this stage & if yes would it help in cirrhosis also?

A:You meet minimal criteria for treatment of Hepatitis C. Even though you have cirrhosis, it appears to be compensated. Thus, if you have nocontraindications to therapy (Interferon + ribavirin) it would bereasonable to start the medication. You have to realize that treatment isexpensive, has side effects and requires regular monitoring. Your doctorshould go over all these issues with your doctor


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