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Hepatitis B carrier

Q: I am a 37 years old male and have acidity, severe fatigue, occasional stomach pain, severe tiredness, palpitation for the last few years and recently I tested positive for Hepatitis B. My medical report HBsAg-positive, HBeAg-negative, IgM Core antibody-negative; PCR-positive, LFT: Bilirubin total-0.3 mg, Direct-0.1 mg, SGOT-38 U/L; SGPT -18 U/L; Alkaline phosphatase-83 U/L; APTT & PT - normal. My family were tested for HBsAg and were all negative. What precaution I should take to avoid spreading the disease to others? Should I wash my clothes dipped in washing powder, whether my house maid will get exposed to the disease? I am unmarried. Should I get married? My liver ultrasound scan shows that there is no abnormality. The doctor has advised a liver biopsy. I also get bloating of stomach. Somebody also advised interferon. Please advise.

A:I agree with Liver biopsy to assess damage to your liver. Lamuvidine may be a option depending on your biopsy. I do not think that your problems of bloating stem from liver disease, seems more like Irritable bowel syndrome. Regarding spread of disease recommend universal precaution. Although due to HepBEAg negative the infectivity is low. Interferon is not a good option for you.


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