Heel pain

Q: I am suffering with Heel pain (Right leg) for the last 10 months. I had consulted 3 to 4 Doctors and taken medicines also. I am still suffering with this. As long as I use to take medicine, I am not experiencing any pain. Once I stopped the Medicine, I am immediately experiencing pain from the second day onwards.Kindly advise me what to do.

A:The type of heel pain that you have described is usually due to stress caused by excess weight on a particular site at the heel (insertion of planter fascia to calcaneum bone). This area gets inflamed causing pain on putting weight on it. There are 3 measures that can help. These include:
1. Weight reduction - note that your body mass index is 30 - (around 10 Kg over weight). You have to consult a dietician to advise you on weight reducing diet.
2. You can get a pit excavated from the inner side ofthe heel area of your shoe and fill it with sponge (using some fevicol-like glue it can be made to stick at the floor of the pit). When you use such a shoe, the painful area would be in the pit filled with sponge while the rest of the body weight would get distributed around the pit. Thus, with less weight bearing slowly the inflammation in the painful area would subside.
3. If this also does not help, then you would need a local injection of steroid at the inflamed site in the heel. This can be done by rheumatologists in any of the Delhi hospitals.


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