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Heart - blockage of heart

Q: There is a blockage of 99% in LCX. Does this need Angioplasty or any other intervention? Is Dr. Ornish study relevant in my case?

A:Well to give an answer whether 99% blockage in circumflex needs angioplasty or not is not possible for me till I have the complete relevant details. It is not only important to know what is the percentage of block but also important to know in which portion of the artery is this block located. Also the qualitative nature of the block is very important. Therefore this opinion whether angioplasty is mandatory in your case or some other form of treatment is feasible can only be given after we see the coronary angiography film or at least if you have the angiography pictures sent across to us then this opinion can certainly be given. Theoretically for single vessel disease bypass surgery is usually not recommended and the toss up more often than not is between medical treatment and angioplasty.

As for your second part of the primary Dean Ornish study is relevant in every case. It is very unlikely that with risk factor control you will be able to reverse 99% blocked artery. However, if you take care of your risk factors and at least make sure that your other two major arteries of the heart called LAD & RCA do not get involved and in this context Dean Ornish mode of treatment can be useful and relevant. Only moderate blockages to the tune of 40-50-60% have been shown to either regress or at least become stable but critical blockages to the tune of 99-100% certainly can not be reversed, by any mode of medical treatment.

I hope I have answered your queries to your satisfaction. However, if you have any further doubts, please feel free to contact us and it shall be our pleasure to answer them.


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