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Heart attack and single vessel disease

Q: I am 36 years old and I had a heart attack My angiography shows LAD with 95% mild stenosis and LVEF is 40%. This is a single vessel disease with modrate LV dysfuntion. Now I am taking tablet Ismo 20 mg twice and Sorbitate when ever required. Kindly let me know how to increase my LVEF by medicine or some other treatment, as I am not intrested in Angioplasty. Let me know some other medicine & treatment.

A:The improvement in LVEF is likely to occur after removal of the blockage. For a single blockage, the treatment of choice is angioplasty. Surgery for a single blockage at your age is not recommended. This blockage should not be left on medical therapy as the risk of re-infarction and permanent damage is high. You should discuss your reservations with your Cardiologist and the sensible thing to do is to follow what the doctor decides.


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