hearing loss

Q: A pt.of age 21 years had injury to his right ear with a hair pin while cleaning his ear and since then he is unable to hear from his right ear with continous disturbing sounds inside the ear. Before this patient was absolutely normal and had been shown to ENT surgeon but the outcome was unsatisfactory. He is still having the same complaint. The duration since this incident happened is 9 years. What could be the possible reason for this defect and what is the treatment of choice for this? Which is the best center in your view should the patient seek medical care?

A:There are 2 possible reasons for this:
1. If there is a simple perforation of the eardrum which would be causing hearing loss, and sounds, with discharge, then you need a simple operation, which should recify your problem in 95% of cases
2. If there is a damage to the inner ear and nerve (sensorineural deafness), then nothing much can be done for it except for a hearing aid.
As for your second question, obviously, I feel I am the most qualified to tackle the situation.


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