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hair loss in children

Q: Actually I am writing here for my daughter. She is 5 & half years old. For the last 6-7 month she is having hair loss in her head & it is not coming back again.It has become patches now.Iam showing to the skin specialist.Initially it came in some places but again it was not coming(I was applying Dipsalic initially & then Desowen ointment)& she started loosing hair in the eyebrow as well.So i changed the doctor(this new doctor gave melanocyl & elcon cream).For the last 3 months iam showing to this skin specialist but i could not see any improvement but it is coming in more & more places.He was saying that this disease will come only in elders & rarely it comes in children.It looks really odd, with patches in the head(without hair).So last week only i took her to some ayurvedic doctor.She has given some powder which has to be mixed with cocunut oil & then applied.But no improvements so far. I am really confused.

A:I can appreciate your anxiety at the patchy hair loss in your child. This is not at all an uncommon condition and in most situations completely treatable too.I think you should consult with a dermatologist in whom you have enoughfaith and stick by him. I am confident he should be able to help your child.I am afraid I am not in a position to comment on Ayurvedic medicationssimply because of my own ignorance of the system. There is a possibilitythese people may also be able to help you but for that you will have to asksomebody else. I am not competent to advise you on that. Incidentally thecondition your child is suffering from is most probably Alopecia areata but I hope you appreciate the constraints of diagnosing without seeing thepatient.


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