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Gilberts syndrome

Q: I am a 30 years male Indian national presently working in KSA. For the past 2 years I am suffering from chronic diarrhoea. In India, I consulted a Gastroenterologist who confirmed that I have Gilberts syndrome. After meals I have to go to the toilet with in an hour and during the day I pass 4-5 motions. Along with stool I find mucus and some times blood. Ultrsound scan report is normal. Serum bilirubin - 6.9 mg %, Direct-0.9 mg %, Indirect-6.0 mg %, SGOT-34.0 iu, SGPT-51.0 iu. Osmotic fraility normal; Colonoscopy report- Normal scopy upto terminal lleum. Routine urine examination and other blood tests are normal. I took treatment for amoebiasis for 1 month. During this period I felt normal. Since May 2002 I am suffering from severe diarrhoea and stool analysis in Saudi Arabia revealed pus cells 12-15/HPF, RBCs 15-20/HPF, Vegetative form of E. histolytica present. Doctor told me that I am suffering from acute amoebic colitis and was prescribed Furazol (metronidazole 500 mg). I continue to suffer from diarrhoea and request you to suggest me some medicine.

A:From the results of your liver tests it does appear that you have Gilberts syndrome. This is essentially an innocuous condition and the only problem is that you may have some yellowness of your eyes. Other than that it should not have any impact on your health. With regard to the diarrhoea with blood and mucus, I suggest you should have another colonoscopy and this time biopsy specimens should be obtained from different parts of the colon, including the rectum. It is possible you have a condition called microscopic colitis which can only be diagnosed by biopsy. You should also have more stool tests to make sure that the amoebic infection has been eradicated.


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