Gas problem

Q: I am suffering from gas problem and constipation for last four years. I got my bilirubin and eosinophil tested and both the results were much higher than the normal. I also have a history of nasal bleeding. I have been taking an ayurvedic medicine for last four months but with no improvements. Please suggest.

A:Well it seems that you are asking about number of problems. 1. Eosinophilia or increased eosinophils can be secondary to a worm infestation or a parasite infection. I recommend that you get your stool checked for ova, parasites. 2. I am assuming that rest of your liver tests except total bilirubin were normal. I recommend repeating it after having breakfast and getting both unconjugated and conjugated forms. The commonest cause of isolated increase in bilirubin is a inherited disorder called Gibert's syndrome and is a benign condition. 3. Your gas could be related to worm infestation.


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