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foreskin of penis

Q: I experience severe pain when I pull the foreskin of my penis, along its length. I consulted a doctor and he suggested me to go for circumcision. But I have some reservations. 1. Getting circumcision involves some sort of surgery. I am not interested in any surgery or stay at hospital. 2. Naturally, the inner skin of penis is over-sensitive. Without the foreskin, I may feel uncomfortable when my penis touches anything esp.undergarments.3. After circumcision, I may get severe pain since some piece of my skin is chopped.Is there any method to get circumcision 1. in a shorter time (without staying at hospital, etc)? 2. without any pain or discomfort?

A:If you are able to retract your foreskin completely , circumcision could be averted provided you bear some pain and retract your foreskin atleast twice a day. If you use xylocain ointment it is bound to reduce your pain. If you follow this very soon you will get over the problem. Mind you, never leave your prepuce retracted ,you must bring i t back to its original position.Even if circumcision is advised by your doctor go ahead with it without any apprehension. It could be done totally painless , under local anesthesia. It is day care procedure and you could go home on the same. Your se nsitive glans will definitely create a disturbing sensation but it would be very short lived.If you donot get any help from the above advise do consult urologist in your town.


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