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For what purpose is DTPA test done?

Q: My 33-year-old wife delivered a baby girl last year. During pregnancy, she complained of pain in left lower chest. When a routine ultrasonography was performed in the 34th week, a gross hydronephrosis measuring 162/90 mm was found in her left kidney. Her urea and creatinine levels were normal. Now, we have consulted a nephrologist and he has suggested USG, DTPA, renal scan and renogram after six months as our baby is on breast feed right now. What is DTPA test and how long she can survive with one kidney? Should we get her non-functional kidney removed?

A:Diethylenetriamene pentaacetate (DTPA) test is a test done to assess function of each kidney as well as to see the degree of obstruction. Ultrasound does not given information about function but reports only about the looks of the kidney. One can survive normally with one normal kidney. The decision about removing the kidney should be done after the DTPA scan is looked at and as per the functional status of kidneys.


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