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Exercising to build muscles

Q: Are there different exercises for building muscles for power and building muscles for stamina? Which is the best age to build muscles?

A:Muscular strength and endurance are essential for fitness. Your muscles must be able to sustain exercise without fatigue.
Training usually focuses on certain muscle groups for a particular purpose. For example, jumping requires the training of one particular muscle while the limbs require training for swimming. A good physical condition is based on circulation and breathing.
Training through aid of isometric exercises offers the advantage of strengthening of a particular muscle because the exercises increase the number and strength of the separate muscle fibres and aid in increasing the size of the muscle. For building up different muscles, you have to do different exercises.
Endurance training can slowly be increased. The extent to which training can successfully be undertaken, diminishes with age.
Regularity is also very important. Improvements achieved in the musculature are lost if the program is interrupted.
It is not only the age that counts for muscle building. There are other factors too.
Do you have bone or joint disease?
Do you have a high blood pressure?
Do you suffer from chest pain?
Do you often feel dizzy or faint?
If your answers are no to the above questions, then any time upto the age of 40 years you can start an exercise program. Keep a check on your exercise program with regular check-ups at the doctor. Always include warm ups and cool downs before and after your exercises.


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