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Exercises for weight loss and knee pain

Q: I am 38 years old and weigh about 78 kgs. I have gained about 4-5 kgs of weight in the past one to two months. Now I find I am very stiff especially the back downwards and my calves ache when I walk, however short the distance. I used to walk regularly earlier but pains in my knees prevent me now, though they are not very much. What kind of exercising should I opt for and how long? My feet too are extremely painful after walking. Should I start wearing sneakers? What kind of foot wear is advisable for me? Please advise.

A:Your weight seems to be your problem. Your ideal weight if you are a small frame should be 110 pounds, medium frame 125 pounds, and a large frame 135 pounds. So, you need to reduce. Your pain travelling down your calves may not be only due to knee pain. You could be having low back problems. You are right by saying that you should wear a good sports shoe for walking. Always do some warm-up and cool-down exercises before and after any aerobic exercise or sport that you choose. You can try the back exercise program given on our site. You try the following knee exercises till you get your weight under control. Losing weight itself will reduce your knee pain. Sit with your legs stretched out. Press your knee down. Hold for 5 counts and then relax. You can do this exercise in standing too. You should be able to do this exercise at least 7 to 8 times for 25 counts each. Sit on the edge of a bed, table or desk that is stable and high enough for your leg to swing freely without interference from the floor. Lift one foot slowly until your leg is as straight as you can get it, then bring it back slowly to the starting pposition. You can even tie a 2 Kg. weight at your ankle, gradually building it up to 5 Kg.You can try the following walking program: WeekDistance(in miles)Time (in minutes)Repeats per week1 115521.25205 31.502354 1.752655230 5 You can gradually increase the distance as per your fitness level and reduce the repeats per week. Usually, by the end of 16 weeks you should be able to walk 3 miles thrice a week or 5 miles twice a week.


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