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Ear infection - adenoids

Q: My daughter is 8 years old. She has an infection in the ear and the ENT doctor has also diagnosed her as having adenoids. The Xray shows amsll adenoids. The doctor has advised for early surgery (minor - in the sense the surgery would be over within 30 to 45 minutes approxiamtely) and is non-commital when queried if there would be any problem arising by delaying the surgery . In the meanwhile, he has prescribed medicines for the ear infection. My queries
1) would there be a requirement for the surgery
2) would it be advisable to wait for a couple of months.
3) cannot the problem be treated by way of medicine?

A:If the history of ear infection is only one week old, and this has been the first episode, as seems to be the case, then medicines are likely to control the ear infection. Surgery is not likely to be needed. If there is a perforation in the eardrum, then this would need surgery later. If there arerecurrent ear infections, with mouth breathing and snoring, then adenoids +ear surgery may be needed. If the adenoids, which are normal in all childrenupto 9-10 yrs age, are small, they do not need to be touched.


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