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Does urinating after drinking water cause any harm?

Q: I read in a holy book that one should not urinate soon after drinking water. What do you opine? Secondly, it has been suggested that in low blood-pressure one should take sugar, when one feels faint. How correct is it?

A:Urination at any time of the day is appropriate if there is an urge to perform this essential activity. Some caution may be needed when arising from sleep, since sensitive people may experience faintness when arising from recumbency. Faintness has many causes, including both vasovagal hypotension due to emotion, and metabolic causes including hypotension. When a sense of faintness occurs it is advisable to sit or lie down. If this does not lead to immediate relief, it would be sensible to take a sugary solution by mouth in case the episode was the result of low blood sugar.


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