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Does the smell of a pesticide harm the child?

Q: My two years old daughter happened to bite a glass and it broke in her mouth but we didn't find the whole piece. She got red colour in her stools, we contacted a paediatrician and he said that there is no need to worry. She is ok now but got impetigo recently, I think she got it from someone in her nursery. I took her to a dermatologist who suggested fucicort antibiotic cream that has steroids in it. Is the cream with steroids safe at this age? Recently I passed through the garden I could smell a pesticide from our neighbour's house. Is the smell of pesticide harmful especially for a newborn? Another question is that when my daughter goes outside barefoot all the paint comes on her skin (her hands and feet) although the floor area was painted in the garden in summer, its been more than 6 months but the paint still comes on her skin. Is it harmful in any way?

A:At the time she bit the glass there may have been a problem but now you need not worry about it as she is well. The smell of pesticide is not harmful to a baby. The use of steroids along with antibiotics is standard therapy for impetigo and has no side effects unless used for very long periods over large areas. You need not worry. As regards the paint, unless it has a high lead content it will cause no harm. High lead content paints are no longer in use. So again you have no cause for worry.


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