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Does surgery for spermatocoele cause sexual dysfunction?

Q: I am a 30 years old male. On scrotum scanning and FNAC, it was found that I had spermatocoele in my left testicle and the epididymis is very hard to touch . I consulted a urologist, who put me on medication named Ocimix for seven days and advised me to consult again after a week. The left epididymis pains whenever touched. Now, the left thigh has also started paining while walking. How does spermatocoele occur? Can it be cured by medicines or is operation required? Is there any problem to the epdidiymis due to FNAC done by the pathologist? Can I manage myself without going for the surgery, if asked by the doctor? Does this surgery lead to sexual dysfunction?

A:Unfortunately, I do not know your symptoms before you got investigated. Spermatocoeles are retention cysts in epididymal head with milky fluid containing sperms. These may vary in size widely, and are usually asymptomatic. You may have another inflammatory pathology too in epididymis, which may be causing pain. Surgical correction of varicocoele is usually unnecessary, but may be done if very large, or has become infected. Surgical correction of spermatocoele does not treat infertility, but is not associated with any sexual dysfunction. Dull scrotal pain may persist even after its surgical correction.


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