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Does snoring indicate a particular sleeping stage?

Q: I am 29 years old male, weighing 113 kg and 6 feet tall. Is the onset of snoring a reliable indicator that one is entering a particular sleep state? Assuming that there is no instance of severe sleep apnoea, can I assume that the person will enter REM sleep about 90 minutes following the first signs of snoring?

A:Snoring is an indicator of some degree of obstruction in your airway during sleep - it does not tell you anything about what stage of sleep you might be entering. REM sleep usually occurs 90 to 110 minutes after you fall asleep. Looking at your weight/height your BMI (body mass index) is around 34, which is in the obesity class-I range. With this BMI and snoring there is a possibility that you might have sleep apnoea. So consider evaluation by a physician who specialises in this area.


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