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Does relief from pain signify that stone has come out of ureter?

Q: I am a 25 years old female diagnosed with a stone in the ureter. The doctor told me that it will come out on its own and gave me some medicines. I had severe pain for five days but for the last two days am feeling perfectly fine. Does this mean that the stone has come out? Is there any chance that stone has moved back to kidney from the ureter?

A:To start with, you would need a repeat scan preferably a CAT scan of kidney and urinary tract to study the size and location of stone and look for any evidence of obstruction of urinary tract which can result in the swelling of kidney (called "hydronephrosis"). Relief from the symptoms may signify passage of stone or possible change in the location of stone where it may not be causing obstruction of the urinary tract anymore. If this stone passage is of first occurrence, then only advice would be to drink at least 2 liters of fluid on a daily basis and be on low salt diet. These recommendations are intended to prevent recurrent stone formation in future. However, if you continue to form/ or pass stones, then you would need extensive urine and blood tests to ascertain the cause of stone formation. Also, it would be helpful to undertake the chemical analysis of the stone if obtained. Most stones of less than 4 mm size tend to pass out spontaneously. Surgical intervention would be needed if the stones are large in size most often >1cm, or tend to cause obstruction of the urinary tract with or without symptoms.


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