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Does parent's behaviour affect a child?

Q: My son is one year old. I want to know how our behaviour will affect him. When we (my partner and I) hug or kiss each other, will it affect him? What will be the impact if I get angry on him and tell him not to do something? Is his mind developed enough to understand such things?

A:A baby's brain grows rapidly from prenatal stage onwards. The stimulation he receives through your hugs, play and conversation helps his brain to grow. Seeing adults around him being affectionate to each other can only have a positive affect. There are many people who advise separate sleeping areas for parents and their offspring. As you can imagine, there are variations on such practices. Even before the child understands language, he will understand the tone in which you speak. While you should protect him from danger and ensure that he gets enough food, rest and play, there should not be too many times when you are angry with him. It is for you to anticipate his tiredness or boredom and change his activity. A child who is one year old can follow what is going on around him.


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