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Does pansinusitis require surgery?

Q: I want to ask what does this CT scan result mean: Pansinusitis with obstructed osteomeatal complexes and why are the ENT doctors giving depo-medrol after septoplasty?

A:Certain points need to be clarified, since your question is very specific, and without a full history - like why was septoplasty done, for what symptoms? Was the CT done before or after surgery? If done before, was endoscopic sinus surgery also done at the same time? Pansinusitis indicates that you probably need endoscopic sinus surgery also (subject to clinical examination). Steroids (Depomedrol) are commonly given after endoscopic sinus surgery, specially for polyps to reduce adhesions and scarring, and chances of recurrence. After septoplasty swelling, they may be given to reduce swelling for a short period, subject to the operating surgeon. I don't think you can generalise that ENT surgeons are giving steroids after septoplasty.


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