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Does my son still have nephrotic syndrome?

Q: My son is 5 years old and is suffering from nephrotic syndrome since two years. With the treatment of steroids, the flow of albumin in the urine stopped but it relapsed again a year back. At present, there are traces of albumin in the urine examination. The doctor has given antibiotics for 5 days but there are still traces seen. Please advise?

A:Your son is suffering from Minimal Change Disease, which is causing the nephrotic syndrome. This disease in children usually responds well to steroids, as you have indicated by the disappearance of albumin in the urine. What you are describing is most likely the proteinuria secondary to infection and is fairly common, and it is recommended that the urine should be periodically followed for any further worsening of albumin. Infection can cause relapse of nephrotic syndrome but the appearance of trace albumin in the urine is not secondary to relapse. Finish the course of antibiotics and repeat urine albumin.


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