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Does my son have symptoms of autism?

Q: My 2 years old son has not started speaking yet. He doesn't say mommy or daddy, and is learning 3 languages (Portuguese, Chinese, and English). I was reading about autism and the symptoms described my son. He focuses on horizontal lines and runs looking at it till the end, like the dinner table. He spins round objects, he doesn't like his hands to be dirty, he doesn't get along with other children or adults, but he can maintain eye contact with them. He doesn't play with toys like cars and trucks but he loves puzzles, piano and listening to music, but he plays alone. He doesn't eat any vegetable especially carrots. He waves bye and when we call him, he sometimes responds but sometimes doesn't. He follows orders like go pick your shoes, where is your water, etc. He pulls us to do things he wants, or points to them. He is very repetitive. He is a happy child and never throws tantrums, but when something goes wrong he gets irritated. Please advise.

A:Somebody should do a study on the "Internet as a source of Anxiety!" Your child seems to be doing a lot of things well. Learning three languages at 2 years must be quite an achievement. Parents should not try and produce child prodigies, rather they should support and encourage the child's interests and keep a good balance of everything. Eating a specific vegetable is not the most important thing. Let him eat what he likes. Gradually he can be introduced to new tastes. I am glad to find the parents so observant of his likes and preferences. Children are different from each other and there is no need for everyone to fit into a pattern. Sometimes admission into a Nursery School starts a problem, because most schools expect all children to do the same things at the same time. Choosing a school or play centre that accepts diversity as natural would be kinder to the child.


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