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Does my son have a learning disorder?

Q: My son is 9 years old and is bright and outgoing, until it comes to school. Reading and Math are his downfalls. He does wonderfully in all other areas, except those 2. He has had extra tuitions, but it has not helped. He has no organisational skills and becomes very argumentative with people over his learning sometimes. Does my child have a learning disorder? What can I do to find out which one and how can I help him?

A:I do not think that your son has a learning disorder. Perhaps a change of school might help. Reading text books only can be boring. Get him colourfully illustrated story books, which he will read for the sake of the story. Gradually his reading will improve. He probably has strengths in sports, music or art. Give him an opportunity to spend time in one of them, and to excel. He needs the satisfaction of being very good at something. Organisational skill can be taught. Now that you feel that it is a problem, please also think of how to teach him to be more organised. If you like, you could consult a Psychologist or Counsellor, if such a person is available.


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