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Does my son has a colic or wind problem?

Q: My 1.5 months old baby boy sleeps only for about 8-9 hours in a period of 24 hours. He ends up crying in the evenings. At times, we also think that he has air in his stomach, which he wants to throw out but is unable to. Elders at home suggest using gripe water, while his peadetrician suggests not to use any of this. The doctor says that there is nothing like colic at all. Please suggest.

A:Lots of babies pass wind with stool and even otherwise. It is possible that until they pass wind they experience some amount of discomfort and may become restless and start crying. The safest thing to do is to carry the baby on your shoulder in an upright position and walk around with the baby. This usually settles them down. There are many supposed remedies for colic and wind. How much they actually work we don't really know. But we do know that carrying a baby around and rocking it does comfort them and therefore I would suggest that you to try that.


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