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Does my nephew have a speech disorder?

Q: My two year old nephew has a peculiar way of transposing the consonants of any word he is taught. For example, if we teach him 'pig', he repeats it as 'gip'. For Patrick (his father's name), he repeats it as 'Taprick'. Potato becomes 'tapoto'. His parents are not currently worried, and I should say it is adorable to hear the child correctly transposing the words. But I also feel they should get this checked up with doctors for any developmental defect, if this tendency continues. Can you suggest where they should start?

A:Regarding the problem of the two year old, he is showing signs of deviance, if not delay, and I would recommend that he should be evaluated in depth for not only speech, but other aspects such as social development, etc. Since these symptoms may or may not be part of a disorder, hence it would be unfair on my part to give a definite diagnosis without detailed investigation. Please do the following: 1. Detailed testing of all developmental aspects. 2. Parental counselling to go about the same. 3. Early intervention if any disorder is detected.


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