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Does my father have a serious heart problem?

Q: My father is 60 years old is diabetic. His blood sugar level on fasting is 128, post lunch on 149 serum cholesterol it is 151, and on serum tryglycerides it is 144. His Multislice CT Coronary Angiogramme report shows: Left anterior descending artery - Multiple tandem eccentric soft and calcified plaques are seen involving the entire LAD, with relative sparing of the distal segment causing luminal irregularity and varying degree of mild to moderate luminal narrowing. The maximum short segment of narrowing (approx. 50%) is seen just beyond the origin of D1. The distal segment appears irregular in calibre but shows good contrast opacification. Please let me know how serious it is. What are the medicines that need to be taken? Is there any diet one should follow? Also, will yoga help?

A:I understand from the report that only LAD (one out the three heart arteries) has a problem, with maximum narrowing of 50%. This type of disease is common in diabetics and should not produce any heart pain. Lowering of LDL-Cholesterol to levels below 70 mg% with drugs, such as Atorvastatin or Rosuvastatin, is important; he can also benefit from aspirin. Diet is similar to a diabetic diet with lot of vegetables, fruits that are not too sweet and whole grain cereals (unpolished rice and whole wheat bread/atta)with non-fat milk products and less fries. Brisk walking for 45 minutes daily (starting slowly and increasing speed every few days)is the best exercise. A yoga program with bhastrika (like the art of living) will be good for diabetics.


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