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Does my child have any problem?

Q: My two months old son is a premature baby. He was born at the end of the 37th week. Doctors say that he is a normal baby. He weighed 2.6 kg at birth and after 2 months he weighs around 4.7 kg. At birth he had some problem with his testicle. But everything is normal now. What special care do I need to take since he was born prematurely? Is his weight normal? He appears to be a very small baby. Everyone says that he looks very small. He vomits after every feed, even if he burps, he vomits a little bit of curdled milk, is it normal? He cries a lot as if he has some pain and passes a lot of gas. He passes out very loose stools with curdled residue. The doctors say that it is normal. When should I introduce semi solid foods for the baby?

A:Let me address your concerns one by one: 1. Your baby is not premature. Any baby who has completed 37 weeks full-term is normal. His weight was a little less at birth, but not low enough to be an issue of concern. He does not require any special care on that account. 2. His weight gain and current weight is absolutely all right. 3. Bringing about small amount of curdled milk is normal. Most babies bring out small amounts of milk. This does not interfere with their growth or weight gain. 4. A baby on breast feeds passes slightly loose stools. That's normal. 5. You should breast feed your child for 6 months. The baby does not require anything else, not even water during this period. Semi-solids should be introduced gradually after 6 months of age.


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