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Does my child have a low IQ?

Q: My daughter is 4 years old and she has started going to Nursery class. Her class teacher has observed that she find it difficult to write numerals or alphabets (the object becomes hazy). What she has observed that there is lack of control over physical movements. She has suggested for I.Q. test. Is is too early for a child of four years to go for I.Q test? If yes, then please suggest name of good doctors, who conduct such type of test and who can listen patiently.

A:My intuitive response is to say that there is nothing wrong with your daughter. I consider 4 years as much too young to be writing alphabets clearly. A number of experts in education feel that 5 plus is the right time to start alphabets. But unfortunately, some schools think differently. I am surprised to find that the teacher has suggested an IQ test in the case of your child! Its not that 4 years is too early for an assessment. Its just that it seems entirely unnecessary to do so because your daughter cannot write. Are there any other reasons for the teachers suggestion? Is the child able to look after her needs and play with other children? Does she talk to you and listen to you? If the answer is YES, I do not see any potential problem. I do not know where you live, so I am not able to suggest any experts name. Usually, it is a Psychologist or Counsellor who advises on such issues regarding children. Your average Paediatrician may not be able to help in this matter. However, under the circumstances, a test may not be required at all. But you still have the problem of the school. Maybe you could tell the teacher that you will review the situation six months later and that you are not too worried about your daughter being at a level below the others in writing. If you still find resistance and incomprehension from the school, why not consider an alternative institution, which will at least allow children to develop at their own pace?


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