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Does hernia cause infertility?

Q: I have a hernia for the last 8 years but it did not give me any problems in my daily life. Also, my job does not involve any physical work like lifting weights, etc. I consulted a doctor around 5 years back and he advised me that, whenever I feel it is difficult to manage, I should undergo a surgery. I got married one and half years back and my family life is going smoothly. We have been practicing contraception for the last one and a half years. Now we are trying for a baby for the last 2 months. But we are unsuccessful in that. I have a doubt, whether this hernia problem could cause infertility?

A:A hernia is a defect in the layer of tissue, the fascia, that surrounds the intestines. The intestines come out of this defect and lie under the skin, causing a visible bulge. Hernias are likely to get complicated, and should be operated without undue delay. Hernias do not cause infertility, although they are occasionally associated with infertility. That is to say, some patients have both a hernia and infertility. However, I repeat, the hernia does not cause infertility. You should get a semen examination done.


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