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Does glucose in urine mean diabetes in a child?

Q: I took my 5 years old son, who is 33 pounds and 41 inches tall, for a yearly check up. They did a urine test, which came back positive for sugar. They pricked his finger and the blood sugar reading was 111 md/dl. We came back the next morning after he fasted and they did the blood work, which showed blood sugar to be 83 mg/dl. The doctor wants me to bring him back for another urine test. I bought the 'home urine test' strips to test his urine. In the morning before breakfast, I tested his urine and it showed a high range. During the day it fluctuates between normal and moderate. Does having sugar in his urine mean he has diabetes? What is the normal range for blood sugar for kids? I know it's not normal to have sugar in your urine at all but if it's not diabetes, what could be causing the sugar in his urine?

A:Glucose in the urine does not mean diabetes. Urine glucose is not harmful per se except if it is, in very rare instances, associated with a more generalised kidney disorder. This can be sorted out by a good paediatrician ordering some readily available tests. Blood sugars in children should be the same as in adults i.e. fasting below 110 mg% and post meal below 140 mg%.


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