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Does circumcision help in enhancing female pleasure?

Q: I have read an article that circumcised penis gives more friction than an uncircumcised penis. It says that the skin of circumcised penis becomes so tight on erection that while withdrawing from vagina after full penetration, the skin of the circumcised penis will also come out from vagina at the same time, which will create friction. While in uncircumcised penis, when male tries to push back the skin of penis, it will remain at same position in the vagina and the inner shaft of the penis will move into the skin and hence there will not be any friction at the entrance of vagina. When the intercourse is done by a circumcised male in the male-on-top position, it has found that the vagina gets deep scratches due to excess friction at the bottom part of the vagina. It is found that circumcised men cannot masturbate as the skin of erect penis becomes so tight that it becomes difficult to move hand up and down. Please advise. Does circumcision increase sexual pleasure and function? What are the risks of circumcision in adulthood? Most experts believe that circumcision reduces sensitivity of the tip of the penis and decreases sexual pleasure. This may be due to the tip of the penis constantly rubbing against clothing.

A:This site is for discussing medical problems rather than chat. There has been a lot of view regarding sex and circumcision. There is no scientific proof of circumcision enhancing female pleasure. The only advantage of circumcision is that one can maintain a better hygiene. The foreskin is made by nature or god and in not only in men but in animals where the glans etc. are covered. We may not be able to understand the utility of skin but it doesn't mean that it is natures mistake. As for your way of putting it, it is commonsense. It works like if a person having intercourse with a condom on, even he is not circumcised. I don't understand why males are making such hue and cry for female pleasure. Females should have asked for circumcision if it made so much difference. If you say that vagina becomes sore after sex with circumcised penis, it happens even with uncircumcised penis. As for delaying ejaculation, it again doesn't help as I have a big number of Muslim patients having problem of early ejaculation. Rather than getting in to all this, it is persons own choice with no big deal. Get it if you want and don't get it if you don't want it.


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