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Does Cellcept causes infertility after kidney transplant?

Q: I am 23 years old and have had a kidney transplant for a year now and the nephrologists are about to switch my drugs from Cellcept to Imuran so that I can get pregnant. I would like to know if Cellcept causes infertility and if it causes problems in conceiving. I have missed my period for three days now and show two negative tests for being pregnant. I have all the signs and symptoms of being pregnant and I would like to know if my drugs could give a false pregnancy test?

A:The current guidelines do not allow pregnancy with Cellcept as its effects on the fetus are not known. Cellcept does not cause infertility. Successful pregnancies have taken place in large numbers in patients with successful kidney transplants or cyclosporin/Tacrolimus, azathioprine and prednisolone. Pregnancy is not recommended with MMF (Cellcept) and sirolimus though few successful pregnancies have occurred & reported with both drugs. I would also recommend you to stop Cellcept and switch to imuran as suggested by your nephrologist.


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