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Does bilateral varicocoele lead to infertility?

Q: I am a 21 years old male suffering from bilateral varicocoele. The doctor told me that I will have infertility problems in future and there is no cure for it right now. The doctor has asked me to get semen analysis done at the time of marriage. Does bilateral varicocoele lead to infertility?

A:Varicocele is abnormal dilatation of papaniform plexus, bunch of viens draining the testis. This happens due to defective venous valves, which guide unidirectional flow. Varicolele is present in 15% of adolescents, as in adults, usually on left side. Testicular atrophy, a reduction in testicular size, is the most common defect noted with varicocele in adolescents, apart from reduction in sperm density and motility. All varicoceles are not associated with complications, nor are all testicular atrophy and seminal abnormalities found to be associated with varicoceles. Higher grades (II and III) and bilateral varicoceles are more often found to have such abnormalities. Usual indications for surgical treatment of varicocele are reduction in testicular size of more than 20%, association with intractable testicular pain or seminal abnormalities resulting in infertility.


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