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Do we need to give the MMR vaccine to our daughter after she's infected with measles?

Q: My daughter is 1 year 4 months old. She got infected with by measles 6 days ago. She was already vaccinated against measles last year. She was supposed to be vaccinated for MMR and DPT this month i.e. the day when she was affected by measles. Hence, we could not get her vaccinated for MMR and DPT. Now that she is gradually healing up, please suggest the earliest date when we could take her for the missed MMR and DPT vaccination. What special care does she require after recovering from measles?

A:There is no need for a hurry to give the next immunization. It is more important that she recovers completely from the present episode of infection and starts eating well and gaining weight. MMR vaccine gives protection against measles, mumps and rubella (German measles). Since your child had already suffered from measles, the purpose of the immunization is mainly to protect against the other two diseases. In case there is a doubt about the diagnosis of measles, it is possible to confirm this by checking for the measles antibodies in blood. There is a need to give booster immunization with DPT (triple antigen). MMR vaccination is fairly safe and usually there are no immediate side effects. However, the child can develop fever following DPT vaccination.


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