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Do ovarian cysts impact future pregnancy prospects?

Q: My 25 years old wife is having cysts in her ovary and she often experiences abdominal pain. Her latest Ultrasound report reads as under- “Both ovaries show cysts, two simple cysts in right ovary of size 37.0 - 38.0 mm and a cyst with internal echoes of size 22.0mm hemorrhagic cyst, and a cyst with internal reticular pattern in left ovary of size 34-0 x 38.0 mm hemorrhagic cyst.” The doctor has prescribed her Almocef, Anafortan, Metrogen and also asked her to have mutton during her periods but her cycle is not regular. Do cysts require surgery to be removed? We have a three years old child and also plan to have another child. Can she conceive after cyst removal surgery?

A:Diabetes which develops after transplant is called as post transplant Diabetes Mellitus. This is a common disease after kidney or other organ transplants. Majority of patients the cause is immunosuppressive therapy more so in patients taking steroids. You need to be cautious and start taking precautions from now onwards so that you can prevent it.


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