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Do my twins need to attend a special school?

Q: I have twin sons (A and B) of age 3 years and 5 months. They still cannot speak properly. Son A: He loves to play and mix around with other children of his age. He loves the company of strangers. He was underweight at birth. He loves to play with water, specific C.D. movies and music. He sometimes speaks some words but not meaningfully. He is hyperactive and has a strong memory power and shows more affection to a few people. He, however, has a poor eye contact and cannot follow all instructions. He can recognise his name, his father, mother and his twin brother. He can play ball with others. Son B: He also has similar features. However, he bangs his hand in joy and anger. He shows attachment to elongated objects. Both of them have been brought up in an isolated environment. Recently, we are providing them with special therapy and speech therapy. They attend an ordinary school. They have recently shown some improvement like saying some words meaningfully and have proper toilet habits. Are my sons autistic? Do they require special therapy or a special school? Should they be given drugs for hyperactivity? Will they require scanning Pet analysis etc?

A:Considering that the boys were underweight at birth, it appears that they are making good progress. They sound like other children of that age in most things. Since you have already arranged for speech therapy and they are attending a regular Nursery school, the signs are positive. Whatever label is given, the treatment suggested is likely to be that you should be sensitive to their needs, not push them into specific achievements, give them opportunities for conversation, music and play, keep them away from too much TV watching, avoid Coke drinks and try to get them to accept a well planned daily routine. Only as they grow up, you will need to decide whether they need some special attention in school. There is no need to worry a great deal about the future. It is at this age that their main skills are developing, so any help you can give to their development will be an investment in their future. It may be unnecessary to take scans and so on, especially as you find that they are responsive to their experiences and showing improvement. All the best.


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